Valorant Pro Settings

Valorant is an extremely popular first-person shooter game which is developed by the company Riot Games (the creators of League of Legends). Upon it’s recent arrival, Valorant has consistently held over 1 million concurrent viewers on the streaming platform Twitch. Without even being fully released to the masses, Valorant has already proven to be a worthy competitor within the gaming and Esports scene.

Because Valorant is a competitive Esports game, there is huge potential for up and coming players to make a living from streaming, playing professionally, and much more. If you’re one of those people trying to get on the pro scene early, then you’ll definitely want to be playing you’re absolute best – and that’s exactly why we have created this Valorant settings list.

Optimizing your sensitivity, settings and setup is one of the best ways to improve at any game. It’s obvious that playing more and practicing consistently is the absolute best way to get better, but if you have unoptimized settings and or hardware, then it’ll be a struggle to compete against the rest of the competition. So by seeing this pro settings list, you should get a better idea as to what the pros use to play – and hopefully you’ll be able to advance your settings and setup by using this as guidance.

If you spot any outdated information, then feel free to inform us in the comments or by using our contact page. Also: if you’d like to request a player to be added to this list, then feel free to inform us about that as well!

wdt_ID Team Player Sensitivity Scoped Sensitivity DPI eDPI Mouse Keyboard Headset Mousepad Monitor Resolution Hz

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