Valorant Sensitivity Converter & Calculator

Find your Valorant sensitivity by using this easy to use sens converter.

Valorant Sensitivity Converter (YAW)

How to use this sensitivity converter

When using this sens converter, you should know about the 5 inputs that it utilizes.

  • The first input is the game you’re converting from.
  • The second input is the game that you will be converting to.
  • For the third section you will have to input the in-game sensitivity of the game that you’re originally converting from.
  • Fourth is your DPI which you play with in the original game that you’re converting from.
  • Finally, the fifth section is the DPI of the game that you’re converting to.

Once you have all the simple information you need to work the converter, such as game sensitivity, mouse DPI, and knowing what games to convert to and from, you can start to fill in all the provided inputs.

As soon as you fill in all of the five inputs, the converter tool will update and show your new converted sensitivity within the “New Sensitivity” section which is grayed out. This converted sensitivity will take everything into account, including if you use different DPIs in different games (as long as you provide that information).

Underneath the “New Sensitivity” area you will also be able to see some measurements in both inches and centimeters. These measurements are the lengths of which is takes to do a full spin in game. Say for example your converted sensitivity says it takes 40 inches to do a full 360, that means that you will have to move your mouse 40 inches to do a full rotation in game.

About this Valorant sensitivity converter

This sens converter does exactly what it says, it converts sensitivities. Although this was specifically designed for Valorant, it can be used for pretty much any game that we have listed in it. This means that you can convert sensitivities from other games into Valorant, convert back from Valorant, or you can even use this tool for converting into any other game you desire (as long as we support it).

By using this converter, you’re basically taking one games’ 360 rotation and putting it into a new game. If you’re coming from CS:GO, Overwatch, or any other aim-based FPS game, this should be really helpful for you. The reason why it should be helpful is because you’ve built muscle memory for a specific sensitivity speed in whichever other game you play, so you should be able to do well right off the bat when playing any new game as long as it’s a equivalent, converted sensitivity.

Supported games:

We support a large amount of games in our converter tool which includes some of the most popular FPS and shooter games to date. Games like CS:GO, Valorant, Overwatch, Fortnite, Apex Legends, etc, are all supported and can be converted to and from as pleased. All of our supported games will be listed here:

Apex Legends

Battalion 1944

Black Squad

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare / Warzone

CS 1.6



Destiny 2

Doom Eternal

Escape From Tarkov



Hyper Scape

Left 4 Dead 2




Rainbow Six Siege

Ring of Elysium


Team Fortress 2

Titanfall 2


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