Fortnite eDPI Calculator

Find your Fortnite eDPI by using this easy calculator.

What is eDPI in Fortnite?

eDPI, or effective dots per inch, is a value which combines your game sensitivity with your mouse DPI to make a much easier way to compare your settings to others. eDPI is basically your true sensitivity, meaning the higher the number, the faster the sensitivity. The lower the number, the slower your sensitivity will be.

The actual formula to calculate your eDPI is quite easy. Simply multiply your in-game sensitivity with your mouse DPI.

For example: 10.0% * 400 = 40 eDPI. (This is Tfue’s sens and eDPI)

Most pro Fortnite players tend to stay within the 32-72 eDPI range. Although there are a few exceptions, for example: Benjyfishy, Khanada, and MrSavage all use eDPI’s that are 100 and above. Ultimately it doesn’t matter whether your eDPI is too high or too low, as long as you find something you play well with.

If you happen to use different X/Y values, then simply use your X-axis value to find your Fortnite eDPI. Most people will compare their eDPI’s based off of their X-axis value (360 rotation) anyway.

There is no “best” eDPI for Fortnite as all players have their own preferences. Although we do recommend to stay within the 32-72 eDPI range as this is what most pro players do.

You can find your Fortnite eDPI by using the formula: Sensitivity × DPI (or you can use this handy calculator).

Do you want to see what eDPI the Fortnite pros use?

Check out our list of pro players’ settings and setups:

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