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Last Updated: March 17, 2020
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Fortnite is a highly competitive shooter game which holds frequent tournaments with vast prize pools. And if you’re wanting to grab up some of that sweet cash, you’ll need to be playing at the best of your abilities.

One good way to improve your skill is by upgrading your peripherals, which we have already made guides for both on mouse and keyboard. Aside from your gaming setup, you’ll obviously want to have great hardware within your gaming computer – that includes a Graphics Card. In case you’re unaware, let’s get into what a Graphics Card is…

A study from NVIDIA shows that having higher FPS and monitor refresh rates can drastically improve performance within games, e.g. K/D, win ratio, etc.

So if having higher frame rates means you ultimately play better, how do you get more FPS?

That’s where a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU for short) comes in. A GPU is one of the most crucial components in a gaming PC. In short, a GPU is a dedicated processor for rendering 3D graphics.

Most if not all professional Fortnite players (on PC) use high-end GPU’s to make their gaming experience faster and more smooth, thus making them more efficient in their matches. Without a decent GPU, your computer will have low FPS in games, that obviously isn’t optimal for competitive scenarios that require aiming.

Now that we’ve briefly talked about what a Graphics Card is, let’s dive into our top picks.


1. Geforce RTX 2080 TI

Best GPU for Fortnite

About the GPU:

The NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080 TI is currently the best gaming graphics card you can purchase as of right now. This beast of a GPU will be able to perform every task you throw at it including 4K gaming and max settings in most games. Obviously having that much power comes at a cost. The cheapest 2080 TI’s are starting at $1000, but what you are getting from this monster is well worth it (side note: this is the GPU that most pros use).

Ray tracing – A sweet addition you get with this card is NVIDIA’s real-time ray tracing. Ray tracing is a rendering process that provides realistic lighting in 3D environments (One thing to note is that this technology is in its early development stages for gaming). This new technology is the next step in game graphics, and it’s good to know that with this GPU you won’t be missing out on any advancements made in the future.

Specifics about the performance – The RTX 2080 TI will be able to run Fortnite at 1080p, max settings with over 240 FPS, allowing you to reach 240 Hz if you have a monitor that’s capable. Bumping that up to 1440p and you’ll be getting over 144hz on max settings. For 4K gaming, you’ll be able to run max settings with around 60 FPS. For a modern game like Fortnite, that is well beyond decent.

Conclusion – This graphics card is well ahead of the game and you shouldn’t need an upgrade for years to come. If you’re serious about getting the best GPU for Fortnite and you can look past the hefty price, then you can’t look past this as an option.

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of Fortnite Pros use the RTX 2080 TI.

2. Geforce RTX 2070 Super

Decent Graphics Card for Fortnite

About the GPU:

The RTX 2070 Super is a fantastic GPU coming in at $500, half the price of the 2080 TI. Despite being half the price of the 2080 TI, this graphics card almost performs as well as a standard 2080, which is quite impressive. The reason why we recommend the “Super” variant over the original 2070 is because of the price to performance ratio. The boost you’re getting from the Super is well worth the additional cost.

Performance – This GPU will be able to run Fortnite at 1080p, max settings at just under 144 FPS. 1440p will run closer to 90 FPS. Finally, 4K will run at about 50 FPS. These numbers might seem low, especially compared to the beast 2080 TI, but remember these are all on max settings, you’ll get much more FPS simply by lowering some graphical options. In fact you will be able to hit that 240 Hz mark on 1080p, you’ll just need to lower some game settings.

Conclusion – Similar to the 2080 TI, you’ll be getting ray-tracing technology and you’ll be able to play VR smoothly. Overall this graphics card is a much better choice if you can’t afford the pricey 2080 TI, but still want incredible performance and modern GPU capabilities.

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of Fortnite Pros use the RTX 2070.

3. Geforce RTX 2060

Best Cheap Graphics Card for Fortnite

About the GPU:

This graphics card is the budget option within NVIDIA’s recent RTX 20 series. Price wise the GPU can be compared to the older GTX 1070, yet it comes with better performance which is almost as good as the GTX 1080. This GPU also has new features such as ray-tracing, etc.

How it performs – Like I previously mentioned, it performs almost as well as the more expensive GTX 1080, which means this GPU has a great price to performance ratio. It can run 1080p, max settings at approximately 110 FPS. 1440p will run at ~70 FPS. As for 4K, it will run at around 40 FPS. For the price of this card and considering the fact that all these stats are while using maxed out options in Fortnite, this graphics card has amazing potential.

Conclusion – If you’re looking for a new GPU that won’t break the bank, but will still deliver good performance and help give you the edge in your games, then this GPU is a great choice.

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of Fortnite Pros use NVIDIA products.

NVIDIA, the leader in the market.

Fortnite Graphics Card Image

NVIDIA is arguably the best manufacturer for GPU’s as of right now. That’s mainly because their graphics cards perform better for a much cheaper cost compared to their competitors. This means that if you are looking for a good graphics card, you should probably be exclusively looking at NVIDIA created ones – they are simply better.

NVIDIA also brings another great addition to the table, that is, Geforce Experience and Shadowplay. Geforce Experience (GE) is an application on your PC which keeps drivers up to date and also automatically enhances game settings for optimal performance. Shadowplay is a recording software that comes free with GE and allows you to capture and record your gameplay with ease.

Overall it’s easy to see why NVIDIA is so loved within the community – they provide great performance and additional features. We at FortSettings actually conducted a study and found that almost 99% of Fortnite pros use NVIDIA graphics cards for their computers, that alone should tell you why NVIDIA products are good for playing Fortnite with.

What is the best GPU for Fortnite?

We have found that the NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080 TI is the best graphics card for playing Fortnite with. It does come with a costy price, but the performance you get from it seems to be well worth it, and the Fortnite pros seem to agree too.

But whether you decide to go with the high-end RTX 2080 TI, or the cheaper RTX 2060, you can be sure that you will be getting amazing performance regardless of which one you choose.

And in case you have a tight budget and can’t afford any of the GPU’s on this list, then I’d recommend you to get the 1660 or 1660 TI – These cards will still deliver incredible results, plus they are fairly cheaper.

If you’re interested in seeing what GPU’s the Fortnite pros use, check out our list of pro gear and settings.

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