About Us

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Our primary mission at FortSettings is to supply the needs for casual and competitive gamers alike. Whether it’s sensitivity converters & calculators, gaming guides, or pro players’ settings and setups, we hope to give you exactly what you’re in need of.

How we started

FortSettings was originally created back in the middle of 2019. At the time, the sole focus of the site was to be about showcasing what settings and setups Esports pros use. Since then, we have expanded into many different gaming topics, such as sensitivity calculator tools and gaming guides, but of course we still do showcase pro players’ settings and setups.

Looking forward

Our main goal for the upcoming years to to keep expanding and ultimately dominate in the gaming information market. We are striving to be the best source for gaming settings information, whether that’s sensitivity calculator / converter tools or pro players’ settings and setups, you can bet that we are working towards being the best at it.

With our combined and extensive knowledge about gaming, we are also working to create more and more quality gaming guides. The sole purpose for these guides is to help improve the gaming skills of whoever is reading them.

Those are our three current focuses as of now, but we are constantly looking to expand even further.

If you wish to reach out to us, you can do so by email at info@fortsettings.com