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Why use Pro Settings?

Competing in competitive Esports games such as CS:GO, Valorant, Overwatch, Fortnite, etc, can be difficult at times – especially when you’re competing against millions of other players. Despite the difficulties that you’ll come across, there are some easy ways to improve your gaming skills. One of the easiest ways to better your abilities is by optimizing your settings as well as your setup.

Having slow or broken equipment, or even awkward settings / sensitivities will impair you. So it simply makes sense to have the most optimal equipment and configs for the fast-paced games that you’ll be playing. With our pro settings lists and guides, you’ll be able to see what the best of the best use to play. And with the knowledge of what the top pros use, you’ll be able to advance your own settings and setup, to ultimately play better.

Frequent Questions & Answers (FAQ) is a tool for people who are interested in finding the settings and setups of their favorite pro players, streamers, and entertainers. We also research what the best accessories for gaming are (such as mouse, keyboard, headset, etc) and write guides about them.

Finding the best settings for Esports games can be hard. Our goal is to share information about what professional gamers use to play with so you can further optimize your settings and setup.

We are constantly working to try to keep all the information on this website up to date. Although we try to update as much as we can, professional players change their settings and setups often so some information may be outdated or wrong. If you see something on the site that is incorrect, feel free to contact us about it, we appreciate the feedback.

Our website strives to be the greatest source of information related to gaming settings, setups and more. And with this site comes some costs, which we have to pay somehow. We use Amazon’s Affiliate Program for our income. This basically means that if you go to purchase a product which we have linked from Amazon, we will get a small commission from that sale. The price will remain the same whether you bought a product through our link or through Amazon directly, you don’t pay anything extra. You can read our full Affiliate Disclosure for more information. (We may also run ads from time to time)

Pro Settings

In competitive games, it's essential to have the most optimized settings. By seeing the best pro settings, you will be able to adjust your controls for ultimate performance.

Pro Setups

To play your best, you need the right gear. We've analyzed what equipment pro Esports players use so you can get an edge over other players in your game.

Setup Guides

We have documented the most popular and well-received gaming accessories in our guides for your ease.

Enhance your Gaming Settings

We have done the work of researching what settings and gear pro players use to play so you can tweak your game for maximum performance.